12 Read-Aloud Books for Teaching Growth Mindset

Do you read books aloud in your Club? The benefits of read-alouds are well-documented, even for older youth. And beyond these reasons, they can be used as a great activity-starter for any area of your Club.

  • In the education room or learning center, you could have youth write another story on the theme of the book, or a play that they can perform along with a group.
  • In art, have youth respond to the emotions they feel using creative materials, or continue the message by writing a comic.
  • In the game room or gym, adapt an existing game to the characters or objects in the book, or come up with something totally new!

In every area, be sure to build in some time for youth to reflect and talk about what they think and feel about the story, and guide them to think how it can be applied in their own lives. What other ideas do you have on incorporating books into your activity plans? HIT US UP IN THE COMMENTS! I’d love to share your best ideas for general book activities, or even how you use specific books here on the blog!

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A growth mindset is an important skill to cultivate in youth that can help them overcome failure and stay persistent in whatever they set out to do. This list of 12 read-aloud picture books at varying grade levels can introduce this concept to your members in an engaging way. Click through for more information on the books and on the growth mindset.

Don’t have a budget to buy these books? Look into getting a library card for your Club, and develop a partnership with your local Children’s Librarian. They will have TONS of amazing suggestions for other books and activities, and may even be able to come to your Club and host special events or lead a program session!

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What are your favorite read-alouds in the Club? Have you focused on growth mindset? Comment below or email us at ClubXBlog@bgca.org!

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