Dominoes Activity Ideas

Do you have a set or two of dominoes in your Club? There are a lot of different activities you can do with them! Here are just a few from Pinterest:

It is super easy to use dominoes to play math games. Here are some ideas:

I know my members’ favorite way to use dominoes was to line them all up and then knock them down. You can harness this impulse for the power of STEM!

Do your members know the rules to a couple of CLASSIC dominoes games, Chicken Foot and Mexican Train? Learning them would make a great activity session and then gives them a game to play in the future.

I even found a really cool art project using dominoes to make pendants. I’ll warn you, the design of this website is VERY OVERWHELMING (you’ll see what I mean if you click through) but it gives instructions to decorate the dominoes with several materials including crayola and sharpie markers, plus more high-end art supplies.

If you do not have dominoes, or need a complete set, here is a free printable template you can print on card stock and even laminate:

What are your favorite activity ideas? Comment below or email us at and YOU could be featured on the Club Experience Blog!


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