Webinar: Supporting LGBTQ Youth

This month’s Culture of Wellness Webinar is on supporting LGBTQ youth in your Club. Here’s the description:

Boys & Girls Clubs have a responsibility to provide a safe, positive and inclusive environment for ALL youth, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. Join us for tips and best practices on creating an inclusive environment for LGBTQ youth, families and staff in your Club! 

This is a very timely issue, and has huge ramifications for your Club members’ emotional safety. You can join this webinar live on Tuesday October 17 from 1-1:30 pm EST or 4-4:30 EST. Find the link to join as well as recordings of all the previous webinars at https://www.bgca.net/Wellness.


So when I was working at the Club, I had a habit of posting some of the most hilarious kid quotes I would hear on Facebook to entertain all my friends and family. Enjoy this *classic* from 2016.

8 year old boy: “MISS SARAH! There is something on this wall that is VERY INAPPROPRIATE for children of our age!!!!!!”

(Leads me to where our anti-discrimination notice is posted. Which mentions that we don’t discriminate based on, among other things, sex.)

Me: “Oh, when they use that word in this way it just means that you can work here no matter if you are a boy or a girl. We won’t keep you away based on that. It’s ok.”

7 year old girl, exasperated: “See! I told you!! Miss Sarah I told them that all it meant was GENENDER IDENTITY!!!” 

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