Four Resources to Set Your Club Up For Success in 2023

We love the new year as an opportunity to reflect, reassess, and refocus on what really matters. Another great opportunity? Finding the right resources to make that refocusing process as smooth and as powerful as possible. Here are four resources you can integrate into your Club’s planning and programming to take 2023 to the next level.

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Get the latest BGCA Programs in the most accessible format ever on

If you haven’t been to Club Programs yet, you are missing out. This new platform for the latest youth development resources from BGCA features standardized printable program curricula, activity guides, and quick use ideas like community builders and groupers. When you log in with your account, you can save your favorites to Playlists and add your feedback or top tips in comments. We are updating the available resources and upgrading the site as we speak, so let us know what you think! New to Club Programs? Check out an intro video here.

Revamp Power Hour with updated program resources

Almost every Club runs Power Hour as homework help, but did you know that there is an actual Power Hour targeted program? And that it helps youth achieve academic success through not only homework help, but high-yield learning activities that teach them to become self-directed learners and build other skills they’ll need to complete their schoolwork? Sessions allow youth to explore developmentally-appropriate academic topics including how one learns, problem-solving, goal-setting, and research. Use all or choose individual sessions targeting skills your youth need. Available now for grades 3-5 and 6-8, with high school coming soon!

New staff? Upgrade your organization’s training certifications

We’ve all done a ton of hiring over the past year, and the pressure to get staff in the door and on the floor is REAL. But making sure all staff are trained in high-quality youth development practices is vital for both retention and ensuring you are making the most impact. Through the National Trainers Initiative, Club organizations can have certified in-house trainers that are trained themselves in facilitation best practices and have access to BGCA’s training materials. Each level from Learning Coach, Tier 1, and Tier 2 can access more advanced sessions, and Tier 2 Specialists can now receive deeper dives into content areas such as Racial Equity and LGBTQ+ Inclusion, with more on the horizon. Trainers can even earn incentives for hosting and reconciling meetings!

New to CQI? We’ve got a training (or four!) for that

With the worst of the tumult behind us, many organizations are now pivoting to a new or renewed focus on using continuous quality improvement to streamline processes, figure out what training and coaching are most needed, and involve all staff in the goal-setting process. BGCA’s Youth Development Program Quality team offer a series of training to get your team ready to take on a CQI cycle, from our two-part introductory series that walks you through setting up the team and understanding your data to diving deeper with Weikart’s Youth Program Quality Assessment. Get detailed descriptions, dates, and registration links at

With these four resources in your toolbelt, you’ll be ready for whatever this year has in store.

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What resources or initiatives made a difference for your Club last year? How are you making 2023 the best year ever? We want to hear! Comment below, on the BGCA Youth Development Facebook page, or email

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