Promising Practices Bulletin 3! Supervision, Coaching and Professional Development

Bulletin 3 in the Promising Practices for Managing Club Staff bulletin series is finally here!

If you haven’t taken a look at these bulletins yet, you are in for A TREAT. They highlight Club promising staff management practices that help build a high-quality Club Experience, and are based on extensive research and so. many. phone interviews we did last year. You can find the first two (Hiring and Onboarding Staff, Staff Meetings and Team Communication) in the Promising Practices Bulletins tag here, or download them all on the Great Futures 2025 Resource Page.

Bulletin 3 is all about Supervision, Coaching and Professional Development. You’ll learn more about leveraging observations to build skills, encouraging creativity, coaching for skill-building, as well as planning for professional development. You’ll find tools for observations and even conversation prompts for your one-on-one meetings.

Best of all, you’ll hear from lots of Club professionals, including from Boys & Girls Clubs of the San Gorgonio Pass, Boys & Girls Club of McAllen, Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Baton Rouge, Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Alabama, Boys & Girls Club of Dundee Township, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Fort Worth, Boys & Girls Club of San Marcos, Boys & Girls Clubs of Tampa Bay, and Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Salt Lake.

This is a Sesame Street gif from the first season and is it just me or is it a little creepy? They are apparently spies. The 60’s, man. Wild. But we talked to 10 Clubs so I obviously need 10 jazzy spies.

You can download bulletin 3 by clicking the image below or on’ll always find the latest resources here on the ClubX Blog and on the BGCA Youth Development Facebook page. Enjoy!

What are your best practices for supervision, coaching and professional development? Contact us at to share!

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