8 Creative Member Work Displays

A new year is upon us! Time to start fresh and do all the things we know we should do. Like drink so much water, start running marathons, and eat broccoli at every meal.


One simple way we can hit the reset button is by refreshing our program spaces at the Club! This week the Club Experience Blog will feature two quick ideas to change up your decor.

The first is a list of examples of hanging member work with clothespins or clipboards. This makes it SUPER easy to switch out work and doesn’t damage the paper in the process. I did this in my program area (I picked better looking paper later DON’T WORRY):

2014-08-22 10.20.57

(Full disclosure since this is a safe space and I know you’ll keep it between us, I originally did this because I may or may not have messed up the wall moving a file cabinet *yikes face emoji*)

2014-08-22 10.20.50

But I ended up keeping it as a permanent fixture because it was a really fun way to show off projects my members completed at the Club, great test or paper grades they shared with me, or some of the many “I love you Miss Sarah” notes that I received daily from my littles. Its a way that we as youth development professionals can brag on our members and tangibly show that we are proud of them, and incorporates the amazing things youth do into our environments. While my display was the most basic- literally just push pins and string and clothespins- Pinterest of course has lots of fabulous examples.

I love the color scheme here (bonus points for the Kid President quote!) and the “Amazing Work Coming Soon” placeholders.

This one is a creative way to use a corner space! And wow there are a ton of spots.

Old school yardsticks! SO SHABBY CHIC. (Is that a thing we say anymore? I’m old.)

This one is simple and pretty similar to mine, just on a bulletin board.

On this one each clothespin includes the kids’ names, which you could do if you stay with one group all day.

The colors here are just so happy.

Again with the color! Love that rainbow!

This one uses clipboards that have been decorated with patterned paper. Another great idea!

Now I am really sad I don’t have a program area any more because I am so inspired!

Have you displayed member work in a creative way at your Club? Send photos to ClubXBlog@bgca.org and YOU may end up on the Club Experience Blog!

For more ideas, check out the decor tag. And be sure to subscribe to the blog at the bottom of the page so that you NEVER miss a post!

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