Free Printable STEM Posters

Looking for some new art for your program areas? One of my favorite websites, A Mighty Girl, has free printable posters celebrating pioneering women in Science. They are absolutely beautiful, and include NASA astronaut Mae Jemison, keynote speaker at BGCA’s 2017 National Conference! A Mighty Girl not only links to the posters, but gives a short introductions to each scientist and a list of recommended reading resources for adults and youth.

If that isn’t enough to convince you, just look at how beautiful they are! There are a total of 6 at the site.

Another great feature to these posters is that they feature not only strong women, but diverse ones as well. Highlighting the achievements of diverse scientists is a great way to inspire your youth and help them to see that they can do *anything* they dream.

Download the posters here: .

How have you celebrated diversity at your Club? Email me at and YOU could end up on the Club Experience Blog!


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