STEAM Goes Green! Earth Day Activities for Afterschool

With Earth Day fast approaching on April 22, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and show some love to our favorite rock floating in space. In today’s post, we’re going to share some fun activities that’ll have youth shouting “save the planet!” from the rooftops. So, grab your reusable water bottles and get ready to make a positive impact on the planet.

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I love these Earth Day Seed Bombs that look like little globes! Be sure to choose wildflower seeds that are native to your area.

I love the idea of reusing the cups from plastic egg cartons to make these charms! Seems similar to shrinky dinks. It does need access to an oven.

In the From Passion to Plan activity on MyFuture, teens plan a solution for a problem they see in the world. It’s designed to be totally open-ended, but you could put an environmental twist on it. Have youth brainstorm an idea that is Earth related, whether climate, protection of parks or other land, animal rights, recycling, pollution, or anything else!

It’s not a ClubX Blog link roundup without a book list! Here’s a curated list of 30, but you can find even more in the Environmental Justice section of their filterable book lists.

This science experiment uses DIRT in an ice cube tray to make a battery! You can find another circuit activity with a full activity plan in DIY StEM on

One huge area of research and innovation is alternative power sources, including wind. Introduce youth to this concept by creating Wind Powered Vehicles in this activity on MyFuture.

I LOVE this Mystery Bag building challenge idea. If one bag per youth isn’t feasible, you could set this up easily as a partner activity. Be sure to use recyclable materials, or start collecting scraps from other activities plenty of time in advance.

Ultimate Journey is one of BGCA’s flagship STEM programs. Developed in partnership with the National Park Service, activities introduce youth to environmental stewardship. You can find the full legacy curriculum on, and newly updated activities on MyFuture!

Get more ideas, including the #Trashtag Challenge from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Salt Lake in this throwback ClubX Blog post!

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What are your favorite Earth Day activities? How do you introduce youth to concepts around environmentalism? We want to share your best ideas! Comment below, on the BGCA Youth Development Facebook page, or email

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