Club Stories: What We Are Thankful For in 2020

2020 has been a whole thing. Because we all need some reminding of the good, I recently asked Boys & Girls Club staff across the country what they are thankful for. Here are some of their responses.

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The staff for doing whatever it takes to continue serving our kids. Throughout this whole pandemic, they have remained steadfast in their commitment to the BGC mission. I am deeply humbled by their professionalism and never ending dedication. – Alicia at Boys & Girls Clubs of El Paso

I’m thankful that our Club still provides a safe, positive place for our community’s youth. Being open has kept a sense of normalcy and provided opportunities to our members. I’m also thankful that we’re able to keep all of our staff employed. – Stacy at Boys & Girls Club of Fremont County

Resilience. The staff. The members. The parents. This isn’t easy. Everyday we get up and get to the Club is another day we grow stronger into productive, caring, responsible citizens. – Janell at Boys & Girls Club of Greater Nashua

Unit directors. Specially the directors at Boys & Girls Clubs of the Mississippi Valley because they make or break the Club Experience. Like all Clubs, this has been a difficult year and has highlighted why we do the work we do. Today the directors helped make meals for over 134 members and their families without complaint. Some delivered meals. Some waited in the cold for an hour and half. I truly believe the unit directors are the heart of the Club and set the culture of the Club. Our YDPs are also all-stars, but our directors set the tone and keep everyone going! – Rachel at Boys & Girls Clubs of the Mississippi Valley

My members! After 6 years at my Clubhouse it’s inspiring to be a part of the journey from child to adult and be a consistent person for them. As a kid we moved every couple of years and I wished I could “grow up with” the same people. Now I’m finally getting that in a way and those relationships are the fortune I longed for as a youth. – Ashley at Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco

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Zoom! Without Zoom, GotoMeeting, GoogleMeet, etc. I wouldn’t be able to connect with my Club kids. This year has been a doozy, but I feel more connected to my BGC counterparts from across the region and the country because of our access to Zoom. – Lynn at Boys & Girls Club of Franklin-Simpson

Parents who still trust the Club during all this madness. It’s a scary time and even though our schools are closed, parents still trust the Club, our procedures and staff, to take good care of their kids and keep them safe during a pandemic. – ChriStina at Boys & Girls Club of Bisbee

My late HS former Members who have started coming around again just to say hi, because they’ve realized how much they miss their Staff. I have Juniors and Seniors who won’t attend regularly, but who will stop by on their way home, because they miss us. And that makes me very very happy. – Chris at Boys & Girls Club of Kootenai County

Trust. Trust from the youth and families during this very scary time. Trust from the staff in letting me lead and guide them through uncertain waters. Trust from the neighborhood we serve in to lead in several neighborhood-wide efforts including bringing in COVID-19 testing, school supply drives, and more. Trust from the agency to continue to pivot in needed ways to be as impactful as possible. – Michael at Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco

November is also Native Heritage Month. BGCA’s Native Services team recently hosted an incredible Virtual Teen Summit, and as part of that, featured “We Are One,” a song and music video from a collective of Native artists showing the richness, diversity, and beauty of Indian Country. There’s not a better soundtrack for this particular holiday season.

As always, I confidently speak for all Boys & Girls Clubs of America staff when I say that we continue to be so deeply grateful for YOU. This year has seen us pivot and stretch and grow in ways we never thought imaginable, and at every turn, Club staff were amazing. I personally have been so inspired, and so honored to get to support you in whatever ways I can. I said last year and I’ll say again: Our jobs are hard, but they are worth it. Thank you!

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What are you thankful for this year? Comment below, on the BGCA Youth Development Facebook page, or email us at to share!

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  1. I am thankful for the people that make my life a joyful one. I am thankful for all the BGC staff across this country and overseas that work so hard every day to ensure youth, teens and families are provided support and on many days a safe place to fall.

    The COVID experince has taught me there is nothing more important than those I love and those that I am blessed to encounter every day.

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