Club Stories: What We Are Thankful For

I recently asked Club staff across the country what they are thankful for this year. Here are some of their responses.

I am thankful for our wonderful staff. They really value the ability they have to impact our Club members and see each day as an opportunity to change lives! – Michael from Boys & Girls Clubs of Brea-Placentia-Yorba Linda

I am thankful for our communities. Our youth have the love of the Club and the community supporting them to achieve great futures. We feel more like extended family, and it is a really beautiful display of togetherness when we are able to share and engage with the community as a whole!  – Candice from Boys & Girls Clubs of Bay Mills

Lately, I’m thankful for understanding parents. Those parents that see that I am not just taking care of their child, but 500. – Breeanna from Boys & Girls Clubs of the Colorado River

I am thankful for my amazing team! I am blessed to be able to lead a group of staff that doesn’t back down from any of my challenges and ensures our members’ safety is #1. – Kristin from Boys & Girls Clubs of South Central Kansas

I am thankful for the relationship that our Club has with our local school corporation. The kids belong to all of us. We have open communication with the teachers and administrators. The school also offers transportation to Club during after school Club and a summer food program for our Summer Club. – Dan from Boys & Girls Club of White County

I’m thankful for my staff team. They each strive to give our kids the very best, day after day, even when things get rough. Every day I see how valued and safe our kiddos feel thanks to my staff. – Marianne from Boys & Girls Club of Salem, Marion & Polk Counties

I am thankful for a former Club member I haven’t seen in a few years that came and gave me a hug while I was promoting at her high school. Today was a hard day at work and without even knowing it, she was the highlight of my day. – Brenda from Boys & Girls Clubs of the Cedar Valley

I am thankful for our Program Quality Team. Not only do they help provide lesson plans, supplies and overall classroom management guidance but they also remind us to have fun with it all! Without them I know I’d be struggling more than ever! Thank you PQ Team! – Jackie from Boys & Girls Club of Truckee Meadows


I am thankful for our food program. Our kids get a hot meal and snack every day afterschool at no cost to them. Our chef does an amazing job trying to find new healthy things that the kids will actually eat and it makes all of our kids so much happier. Never any hangry kids in our Club! – Kelsey from Boys & Girls Club of Whatcom County

I am thankful for the relationships that are being strengthened each and every day. We serve so many youth that need a positive role model in their life. Having staff that are dedicated to consistently impacting youth in a positive way creates a such huge impact in our members’ lives and our community. – Madison from Boys & Girls Club of Lenawee

I am thankful for my Boys & Girls Club family. We are the epitome of family. We have our hard times and good times. We have laughed together and cried together. We have seen the worst of each other and the best. We fight but we always work things out. When one falls, many of us are there to pick that person up and walk beside them until they are firm on their feet again. No matter the circumstance we are there for one another and have one goal in mind- to be there for the kids when the Blue Doors open! – Jenna from Boys & Girls Clubs of the Rogue Valley

I speak for all Boys & Girls Clubs of America staff when I say that this year, just like every year, we are thankful for all of the staff who work at the 4,645 Clubs throughout the country and BGCA-affliated Youth Centers on U.S. Military installations worldwide. We are all truly a family, doing #WhateverItTakes to provide safe, world-class Club Experiences for young people. Our jobs are hard, but they are worth it. Thank you!

What are you thankful for this year? Comment below, on the BGCA Youth Development Facebook page, or email us at to share!


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