Creative Ways to Use LEGO

So I knew I wanted to do a Link Roundup for today, because I have VERY CLEAR MEMORIES of trying to program plan in December when we were open all day and I was tired and my youth were tired and we were all. just. tired. And cold. And tired.

And then I realized HOLD UP – I’VE NEVER DONE A LEGO LINK ROUNDUP!!!!!!!!!!!!

LEGO bricks are almost ubiquitous in Club Gamerooms, but they can be used for so much more than just free build time. If you don’t have many in your Club now, they make for a super easy wish list item, or something to take right to local businesses and say “We can use LEGO to build all of these different skills, will you sponsor 1,580 bricks?”

I’ve posted this before, but at my Club we won a grant that gave us a ton of the general brick boxes, and we had to use them in an event. We ended up doing a Club-wide competition to make the longest, coolest marble rollercoasters. No instructions at this link, but here’s an example of a small one.

I combed the internet and picked my favorite creative ways to use LEGO. Send me yours so we can keep expanding the list!

This is a great way to introduce the littles at your Club to coding, or to do larger groups if you don’t have enough computers.

LEGO aren’t just for the game room! Grab a set for Art so it’s ok if they get messy. Great for focusing on pattern making.

I stumbled across the blog of this librarian who runs a LEGO Club, and he has a TON of amazing ideas, including non-LEGO related fun. I’m officially following him! Here are a few of my favs:

This daily challenge calendar could make for fun quick energizers. You can print hers, but it could also make for a fun activity to have older youth create a new one for younger youth.

So I don’t love to share things where you have to sign up for an email list to get the download, but this LEGO charades could be a full activity session. If you don’t want to clog your inbox, just make your own using this as inspiration.

No sign-up required here!

If you have enough wheels (mine always disappeared lol) this would be a great STEM project.

This printable is for purchase, but if you don’t have budget you could easily recreate it.

You wouldn’t have to do the kits on this one to cut down on prep.

And finally, this site links to a ton of academic activities for K-2, broken out by skill. There are also links to posts for STEM and Literacy as well.

For a bonus, this How It’s Made video on LEGO is super interesting! Fun fact: LEGO is the world’s largest tire manufacturer!


What are your favorite creative ways to use LEGO? How do you get the most out of your supplies? Comment below, on the BGCA Youth Development Facebook page, or email us at to share!

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  1. Thanks for this awesome list! There are SO many ways LEGO can be used creatively and we love that. We created a hand-crafted wood tray for building sets that is perfect for those who love LEGO as much as we do. Check it out here: We’d love to be added to your next link roundup!

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