Activity Idea: Life Size Pac-Man!

It is that time of year when we are planning parties and celebrations and end of the school year FUN (and real talk there may be some trying to hang on until summer starts happening too)! That makes it the perfect time to try out a new game that is SURE to be a hit at the Club.

I found these variations on Life Size Pac-Man on Pinterest, and I REALLY REALLY REALLY WANT TO PLAY IT! As a child of the 80’s, I spent plenty of time being terrible at, but thoroughly enjoying, Pac-Man on an Atari my mom got at a garage sale (lololol oh man childhood feels). I pulled a few different pins, and stuck to ones that also included instructions. You can get some other photos of ways to play if you search on Pinterest.

This first one even includes a video of game play!

This one includes some ~glow in the dark~ variations:

I like that this blogger includes what she would do differently next time. Way to reflect, internet person!

Need more nostalgia fun? Click here to play a free adaptation of the original game! IT IS SO HARD

What are some of your favorite group activities? Do you have any sure-fire party games? Comment below or email us at and YOU could be featured on the Club Experience Blog!


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