Webinar: Social Justice Activities From Teaching Tolerance

I’ve featured one of my favorite sites, Teaching Tolerance, on the ClubX Blog before. They are a project of The Southern Poverty Law Center, and they design training and resources for classroom educators. A lot of their stuff is easily and directly applicable to the Club context, including a great webinar they did last month.

Fun Social Justice Activities for Elementary Students is a free webinar that gives some great ideas for infusing social justice into programming. Here’s the description from their site:

Are you looking for fun and creative ways to engage elementary students in anti-bias learning? This on-demand webinar will feature entertaining and educational activities you can use in your classroom as soon as tomorrow. Help young students learn the meaning and value of Identity, Diversity, Justice and Action—the four domains of the Teaching Tolerance Social Justice Standards. Find out how to implement these activities in your classroom with this exciting webinar!

Within the webinar, you’ll hear from three teachers about activities they used with elementary-age students, with links to download the activity plans. They also include three extra activities for all ages on empathy, which we’ve recently posted about the importance of.

As out of school time providers, we have a ton of flexibility in the kind of programming we do with our members, which is a GREAT benefit! Our focus is on youth development, and part of that development is becoming good citizens and leaders in their communities. Boys & Girls Club staff can learn more about our Character & Leadership programs on BGCA.net.

Another thing I LOVE about Teaching Tolerance webinars is that when you finish, they give you a certificate of completion! Great to keep on hand come performance review time. 😉

How do you introduce your Club members to justice and citizenship issues? What are some of your favorite training sources? Let us know in the comments or at ClubXBlog@bgca.org!

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