Four Quick Ideas to Bring the Energy UP!

Sometimes as we work with youth, we need to refocus youth energy, whether its a full day of programming and the afternoon slump sets in, or right after a transition from one space to another, or even just to GET PUMPED for fun in the Gym. You can use quick games or group body movements to adjust energy levels, get their attention focused on you as staff, and get everyone prepared for the next activity in a way that is fun and effective. Here are four quick ideas that require no materials for adjusting youth energy levels.

Whiz, Bang, Bounce

This quick game has youth circle up and pass an imaginary ball with three different movements. It’s moves fast and requires youth to pay close attention.


This activity is useful for bringing energy both up and then back down, as youth make imaginary rain sounds together with hands and feet. It can also be considered a music experience as youth create rhythm and sound.

Seed Flower Stretch

This stretching activity is great for focusing youth attention after a transition, especially one where you may be moving from a high energy space into a lower energy one (for example from the Gym into Art).


Kunja is a teen FAVORITE, where youth pass motions to each other in a circle while all maintaining a rhythm. It’s complicated, so be sure to watch the video (filmed by teens at Keystone conference!) to see how it works.

Want more energizing ideas? Visit to see the entire list, plus Community Builders, Reflections, and more, with new activities added regularly. Boys & Girls Club staff can sign in using your MyBGCA account to save your favorites. While you’re there, explore the Programs tab to see how it’s now easier than ever to access the programs you love like Triple Play, or something brand new, like the latest SMART Moves modules.

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What are your favorite energizers to use with youth? How do you train youth development professionals to use high-quality staff practices? Let us know! Comment below, on the BGCA Youth Development Facebook page, or email

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