Inspire Change Town Hall: Justice For All

We KEEP ringing the bell for how INCREDIBLE MyFuture is, but today we are focusing on one of the very best features- events.

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Events on MyFuture are both for and feature young people in Clubs across the country. The MyFuture team is always looking for special experiences that we know youth and teens will enjoy. Some allow youth to participate in activities alongside presenters, such as this year’s DIY STEM Strawberry DNA and a live Arts Session with illustrator Dani Coke!

We’ve also got the monthly talk show The Link Up, covering the hot topics teens want to talk about, from national news and contests to entertainment and celebrity trivia. Episodes feature special guests and are hosted by Club alum. If your teens have MyFuture accounts, they can even participate in live chat!

There’s always something coming up on MyFuture, and one of the best features is that if you miss an event (it is HARD to plan for time zones that stretch across the world- shout out to Youth Centers on U.S. Military Installations!), the recordings are available on MyFuture right away. No registration required. Recordings on the MyFuture event page are also open to anyone, whether or not you are affiliated with a Boys & Girls Club.

We recently hosted one of our best ever events, the Inspire Change Town Hall: Justice for All sponsored by the NFL. Teens from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Southern Nevada had deep conversation about racial justice, gender equality, and mental health. Special guests from the NFL include Denver Broncos Safety Justin Simmons, Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Dak Prescott, Coach Jennifer King, and Social Responsibility & Civic Communications Senior Director Clare Graff. It was a powerful hour of inspiration and encouragement.

If you missed it live, consider hosting a watch party and streaming the recording of the event. Don’t forget the snacks! 🙂 Afterward, hold your own discussions on the parts that resonated most with your teens. If you have a large group, consider breaking out into topical chats about racial justice, gender equality, and mental health, and letting youth choose which they are most passionate about. Learn ways to create a safe space for these discussions in the intro materials of recent program discussion guides, including this one from Passport to Manhood.

For the full experience, stream the Inspire Change Town Hall Justice for All event on MyFuture. This would make for a GREAT Spring Break activity!

How do you use MyFuture in your Club’s programming? What are your favorite ways to introduce young people to civic engagement? Let us know! Comment below, on the BGCA Youth Development Facebook page, or email

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