Get Lucky (And Build Math Skills) With Dice Games!

The winter holidays are always a tricky time for programming. In many Clubs, when school is out the Club is IN, so longer days mean a lot of time to fill, but you may also not have all of your regulars attending. This is the PERFECT time to incorporate some new high-yield activities into the calendar.

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I recently stayed with my nephew for a few days and brought along this set of dice to have something fun to do together. Even beyond the game instructions they included, we came up with a ton of our own, many involving math. Because I’m never not thinking about blog post ideas, and dice are a relatively inexpensive and easy to store supply, I knew I had a winner. Here are some of my favorite dice games ideas I found online:

Ready Set Roll - 10 Dice Game Collection

Tenzi is a classic dice game and there are lots of variations, making it suitable for all ages.

Math games are an obvious go-to with dice, so here are a few that build some specific skills:

Even dice games that aren’t calling out specific math skills involve it in some way. Here are a few of those:

BUT you can also use dice totally separate from counting to incorporate some fun into programming. One way is to incorporate some “chance” into quick components like community builders or warmup exercises or even into a main activity itself. Here are a couple of ideas:

I hope these ideas inspire some fun. Want more activity ideas? Check out all the ClubX Blog Link Roundups!

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How do you incorporate on the spot fun into your programming? What other activities do your members love? We want to know so we can share! Comment below, on the BGCA Youth Development Facebook page, or email

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