Club Stories: What We Are Thankful For in 2021

2021 has continued to be a whole thing. But through it all, deeply good work continued to happen. Because it’s always good to hear that good, I recently asked Boys & Girls Club staff across the country what they are thankful for. Here are some of their responses.

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I’m grateful for our staff and leadership at the Club, who have continued to pull together in thoughtful ways to help youth in our community. The past two years have been rocky for almost everyone but I have loved seeing staff grow through that experience. And I love seeing how resilient kids are. They’re teaching the adults so many lessons on how to navigate a pandemic with grace. Personally, I’m grateful that in 2021, I got a little better at figuring out what self care means for me and how to do it better. And I’m insanely grateful for my husband and kiddos, who are some of my favorite people. And also discovering podcasts. 🙂 – Christina, Boys & Girls Clubs of Dumplin Valley

I’m thankful that we are finally in our “forever home.” After THREE sites in THREE years, our Club is finally back where we belong after being displaced due to the Camp Fire. – Rebecca, Boys & Girls Clubs of the North Valley

I’m thankful to be able to build programs to impact teens from across the Movement. – Dontravious, Boys & Girls Clubs of North Central GA

I am thankful for the people that make my life a joyful one. I am thankful for all the BGC staff across this country and overseas that work so hard every day to ensure youth, teens and families are provided support and on many days a safe place to fall.

The COVID experience has taught me there is nothing more important than those I love and those that I am blessed to encounter every day. – Teresa, BGCA

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I don’t know about y’all but the staff at BGC of Greater Nashua are amazing. I’m thankful for how loving and supportive the staff are in the Movement not only to the members we serve but to each other as the coworkers we work with. – Janell, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Nashua

I am thankful for having the spirit of gratefulness, it humbles me. I am thankful for family who continue to show me what unconditional love is and a career where I get to live out my passion knowing there’s greater purpose. – Niakesha, BGCA

I am thankful for partnerships with the schools to serve kids during the day, kids going back to school and coming back to the after school program and being able to be present and support our families. – Lynn, Boys & Girls Clubs of Whatcom County

I am grateful for Naeem. Cute picture attached 🙂 – Alise, BGCA

I’m teen director over four Clubs and I am so thankful for my staff who are working hard to make our Club teens closer as a unit. Before this year it felt like each Club’s teen center was on different planets but over the summer and into the school year they had the chance to be around one another more and every meetup now feels like a family reunion! I love that my teens at all 4 Clubs have relationships with other staff and look forward to seeing their friends when we have special events and activities. – Lauren, Boys & Girls Clubs of Washington County Maryland

I am grateful for vaccines! – Lesa, BGCA

I am grateful for expanding my Club family to include all of West Virginia, for my new position, for my kids having great years in school so far, and my 14 year old finding something he loves to do…Crew team. – Lynn, Boys & Girls Clubs of Parkersburg

I am grateful for being able to get paid to do something that I love! And I am grateful for members who come back to the Club after they graduate high school! – David, Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Virginia

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For many of us, 2021 brought just as much difficulty as 2020 did, or more. It was frustrating to see the stops and starts of “normal” life, acrimonious division, and face it all with fewer resources than before. But yet again? We rose to the challenge. We stepped into the gaps to support the families in our communities, and we never quit. For the third year year in a row I’ll say: Our jobs are hard, but they are worth it. Thank you!

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