Catch A Vibe With Tie Dye Activities!

Fashion trends come and go, but one that is definitely back in style right now is tie dye! This groovy dyeing technique allows for lots of creativity and can be applied to a number of different mediums. Here are some of my favorites that could make a fun arts project at your Club!

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Shirts are of course the classic tie dye project. This link shows 17 different patterns to try! With younger youth, consider guiding them through one of the patterns, while letting them choose the colors they use. For older youth, they can attempt more complicated patterns.

This tips list is GOLD, especially the need to prewash and then rinse and wash post dyeing.

This is a company that sells tie dye kits so of course they are trying to sell you their stuff, but if you click into the Techniques section they have a bunch of really cool patterns! I like the reverse and galaxy ones.

Don’t want to use actual dye? Sharpies work too! Tote bags are another fun idea.

Shibori is a Japanese dyeing technique that uses the color indigo to create beautiful patterns. This multi-slide tutorial shows how to make a few different shibori patterns, and would be better suited for teens, since it is more complicated.

Ice dye makes a super cool effect. You use powder dye instead of liquid, who knew?

This activity uses food coloring to dye tissue paper, which is a fun low-cost option.

Watercolor paper is the base for these bookmarks, but you could also cut the pages into folded greeting cards to make stationary, or just leave them flat as an art piece.

For more fun activity ideas that can be a part of a high quality program session at your Club, check out our other Link Roundups!

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What are your favorite arts projects? What other fun activities do your members love? We want to know so we can share! Comment below, on the BGCA Youth Development Facebook page, or email

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