13 More DIY Summer Music Activities!

The Music & Youth Initiative, which partners with Clubs around the country to help start and maintain music programming, has released an updated FREE summer activity guide for 2019. For more information about Music & Youth Initiative and last year’s activity guide, click HERE!

School’s out for SUMMER!

Through their partnerships with Boys & Girls Clubs across the country, Music & Youth Initiative knows that summer can get a little crazy. This year, they have once again provided an amazing collection of DIY Summer music projects available for FREE to keep your youth engaged!


This FREE to download collection features 13 new and exciting projects for you and your youth to create together.  All of these projects are

  • Hands-On: Help keep participants’ minds engaged and hands busy with a constructive project
  • Accessible: Most ideas don’t require a high degree of musical skill/experience to participate
  • Outside-the-Box: Not your standard music “lessons” or repetitive scales/exercises
  • Take Time: Many projects take several days/weeks to complete, helping you get through the long, hot summer days
  • Budget Friendly: Materials needed to run these activities range from $0-$100

Music & Youth Initiative now also offers a suite of video resources on their YouTube Channel Music Impact Network, including their “Quick Tip Tuesday” videos. These 2-4 minute videos range in topics from “How to Remember Kids’ Names” to “Creating a Meaningful Leadership Experience For Youth.” Even better, Nick is a Movement alum, having worked at the West End House Boys & Girls Club! The video below shows off three of the great projects from the DIY Activity Kit.

Now that you have the DIY Activity Kit, stay connected with Music & Youth Initiative by joining their Music Impact Network, a community of after-school music educators who share program ideas and pay it forward.

music impact network

Members of the Network can:

  • Download FREE Program Resources at musicimpactnetwork.org: Browse this site for free music program resources. Music production, youth development, and more!
  • Facebook Group (facebook.com/groups/MusicImpactNetwork): Join their community to connect with other after-school music professionals.
  • YouTube Channel (https://bit.ly/2FBwP2w): Watch their video resources for quick-tips, podcasts with relevant content, and more!

How do you run music programs in your Club? Comment below or email us at ClubXBlog@bgca.org to share your story with the Movement!

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