10 Cool Holiday Gifts to Make in the Art Room

Today’s link roundup comes from Rebecca Brown, Director of Arts Programs at BGCA. You’ll be seeing her on the ClubX Blog often!

It’s that time of year again, time to give thanks for our family and friends, and to show those we care about our appreciation and gratitude. Oh and also . . . presents!

Many of our youth are searching for the perfect gift for a parent or loved one, but usually on a very tight budget.  As your youth come into the art room looking to make a one of a kind treasure, help them create something spectacular!  Try out one of these cool, kid-friendly gifts that anyone is sure to love, and parents will hardly believe their youth even made! These ideas were collected from Pinterest.

Wordle: Try a digital art project! Youth can make a wordle for a special person to show their love and thanks.  If you have time for some extra pizazz, pop these beauties into a handmade frame.

Wind Chimes: These whimsical creations can be made from a huge variety of found objects from around the club or at home! This link has a few options.

Tie-Dye Bookmarks: How about a cool art project, science experiment, and outstanding gift all in one?!  Yes please!  These tie-dye book marks are the answer.  Look at those chemical reactions!

Hula Hoop Woven Wall Art: This is such a cool introduction to fiber arts, and a great gift to use as a wall hanging or rug! If you don’t have a hula hoop, you can do this on a smaller hoop like an embroidery ring and make place-mats or potholders.

Peppermint Sugar Scrub: This gift is sure to be a show stopper!  See if you can get your youth to bring in baby food jars to fill.  They are the perfect size for a cute take home gift, they can even decorate the jars. Safety reminder: This activity is suited for older youth as essential oils can be toxic if consumed.

Painted Rock Photo Holder: This quick, simple, and inexpensive project is great; especially if you can pair it with a cute picture of the youth at the Club having fun!

No-Sew Rainbow Scarf: The possibilities abound with this cool fashion design project and gift.  Consider offering many different colors and letting youth choose their pattern!

Hand Shaped Ring Dish: Nothing beats a good hand print craft! What a great place for a loved one to keep their keys or jewelry, and a cool memento to treasure in the future.  Use air dry clay to make this a one day project.

Happy creating!

Have your Club youth made any outstanding holiday gifts to take home? What are your favorite winter-themed arts projects? Let us know in the comments, at ClubXBlog@bgca.org, or on the BGCA Youth Development Facebook!


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