October 22 is National Color Day! Our Most Colorful Activity Roundup Yet

We are all about the random fun celebrations here on the ClubX Blog, so when I saw National Color Day on the list, I couldn’t resist. I reached out to Rebecca Brown, Director of Arts Programs here at BGCA, and we made a list of some of our favorite colorful activities that you can use in your Club.

Recently in a Youth Development department meeting here at the office, Rebecca led us through a community builder where we created a tapestry of all of our color personalities. It was so fun! We chose which of the colors below matched our personality, and shared why in small groups (since we are a HUGE team). Then, we all got up and painted a stripe with our color. I went with purple. 🙂 You could do a similar art project, and you could even have staff and members wear their color!


During her time as Director of Education & Enrichment at Boys & Girls Clubs of the Low Country, Rebecca loved to teach her young members about color by introducing them to Roy G. Biv. Have you met him? Here’s a song about him by personal fav They Might Be Giants:

You can find lots of activity ideas for Roy G. Biv on Pinterest, but Rebecca’s favorite is this folded paper garland. Her members loved making them!

Color wheels are a great activity, and can be adapted for all ages. Here are some ideas.

I like that this activity focuses on various tints and shades of one color. The OP did this with second graders, but I think it could be used with lots of age groups.

This one may be a little complicated for larger groups, but with lots of planning would be SUPER fun!

Art and STEM so often overlap, which is a great lesson in and of itself! Creativity flows throughout the subjects. Here are some colorful activities that could work in the Learning Center or the Arts Studio.

And lest we forget the rest of the Club, National Color Day is a great day to bust out those UNO cards in the Gamesroom. You can play the classic game, or try something new.

And if you don’t have a parachute for the Gym, you need one! You KNOW these were the best days in Elementary School PE!

Boys & Girls Club staff can find all of our Arts programming and program area resources, including the Youth Arts Engagement Guide, on BGCA.net/Arts.

What are your favorite ways to teach the rainbow? Comment below or on the BGCA Youth Development Facebook page, or email us at ClubXBlog@bgca.org to share your ideas with the Movement!


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