Keystone Story: MAKE Your MOVE!

Today’s guest post is one of a two-part series for the 2018 National Keystone Conference. For the other post, click here!

Hi, my name is Vanesa and I am part of this year’s Keystone Conference Steering Committee. It is time for the 51st Keystone Conference. This year’s conference is going to be epic and one of a kind! It will be held at Georgia State University, making it the first time ever a Keystone Conference is located on a University campus.

I’m so excited about this year’s conference. There will be Keystoners from all over the world and we will get the chance to learn from each other, and share things we have done to change our community for the good.

This year’s theme is:  What’s the Move? Ignite Change.

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In past conferences, the topics surrounded finding our voice and finding ways to influence our peers and community. For this year’s conference, we wanted to ask a question. After finding your voice and purpose, what’s your next step? How will we use the resources the Club offers to make a difference in our community? Friday and Saturday’s theme involve finding your passion and ways to make a change. And Sunday is about using what you learned and making a plan on how to impact your community.

This year’s Sunday theme is “MAKE your MOVE”. After going to the session, Keystoners will have an idea on how they can use the resources around them to impact their community. This year’s Keystone Conference will host a rally, and its theme is on this year’s national project called “United WE Stand.” The project is based on tolerance and diversity and creating projects focused on bringing awareness to the community.

There have been many unfortunate events that have happened this year that left many of us devastated and also divided our nation. The focus of this project is to encourage Keystoners, during the conference, to come and work together to find ways to unite our community. As a generation, we have the power to change the world and find solutions to current problems that are sadly drifting us apart, little by little. During the rally, we will discuss current events and encourage Keystoners to make their move.

Can’t wait to see you there!

For the other post in this two-part Keystone Conference series, click here!


Vanesa is a member of the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Kansas City and the Missouri Youth of the Year! She graduated from high school this May and will be attending the University of Missouri in August. She loves to watch TV from all over the world and learn about different cultures, and is a huge KPOP fan!!

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