IT’S SUMMER!!!!!!! Beach Ball Activities

YAY SUMMER!!!!!!!!!

Summer at the Club is one of the busiest and BEST times of year. The extra time means we can get really creative with programming and activities. It also means a PACKED daily schedule with no down time.

Here on the ClubX Blog we understand that this season is a crazy (good!) one, and in response, we will be slowing down our weekly schedule from two to one new post each week, although there may be a special bonus post now and again. To make sure you never miss a post, be sure to subscribe to the blog with your email at the bottom of the page.

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Summer is the perfect time to infuse some extra fun into programming! To kick us off right, here is a roundup of some fun games and activities using a beach ball that I found on Pinterest. Beach balls are a GREAT tool to use because they are super cheap and easy to store.

At my Club, we often had an influx of new members during the summer. This easy get to know you game uses questions written on a beach ball!

Here’s another, but this one includes a list with over 70 questions to include! It is designed for a girls’ sleepover party so you may want to edit some of the questions, but it is a great way to spark ideas.

Here’s yet another activity that involves writing on a beach ball (this is clearly a very good idea lol), but this one is used as a reflection. This is a super fun way to end each program rotation while getting youth to self-reflect on what they’ve just learned.

This is a simple idea for a beach ball relay. There are lots of other pictures of ideas on Pinterest, but most seem to be just the photo without instructions. Some great inspiration though!

Finally, this link has 20 super easy activities (including more writing on a beach ball games! 🙂 ) from relays to hockey to icebreakers. Some involve other supplies, but they are all pretty basic. Hula Hoop Catch looks fun!

Have an incredible summer, and be sure to take LOTS of pictures so that you can share your very best ideas with the Movement here on the ClubX Blog! Email to learn how.

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