The Ultimate Journey: Program Refresh with FREE Sample Download!

We’ve brought back one of our OG programs- The Ultimate Journey! Read on to learn more and get a FREE sample download!

One of BGCA’s most valuable services to the Movement is the creation of programs and toolkits for Clubs to use throughout the year. We’ve got programs for academic success, athletics, health, arts, and more! But I’ve got GREAT news – one of our favorite legacy programs has gotten a total refresh! It’s The Ultimate Journey!

The Ultimate Journey is BGCA’s environmental education program, created in partnership with the National Park Service. It is a hands-on STEM curriculum, designed for ages 9-13, and totally revamped for the 21st century. It is super flexible, designed to last for eight weeks with two to four activities per week, though you can easily break it up. Each activity also has variations and options, so you can adapt it to multiple age groups, and with or without the technology components. And if your Club isn’t near good outdoor space or the weather isn’t cooperating (I’m looking at you SNOW IN APRIL), many of the activities are designed for indoors.

I love The Ultimate Journey because it combines a super cool subject – environmental science – with what Boys & Girls Clubs do best – developing leaders. Throughout the program, your members will not only learn great STEM content, but they will practice problem-solving, critical thinking, and decision making. They will do deep thought work about their communities and their history, as well as the impact they can have on the future. They will do research, they will write, they will practice presenting, they will explore careers, they will be creative, they will work in groups, and they will have so much fun learning about our wonderful home!

As promised, I am THRILLED to share with you a sample download of one of my favorite activities. Week one of The Ultimate Journey is called “Taking Flight,” and it is all about birds! The Battle of the Beaks is a fun STEM activity that allows youth to simulate different kind of bird beaks, discovering which kinds are best suited to certain types of food.

Notice that within the activity, we break down all the components of a successful program session, including a warm welcome, a community builder, and reflection time at the end. Every activity includes these great tools! There are also extension activities that could be used in other areas or program rotations in the Club. To download this sample activity, click the image below.


Boys & Girls Club staff can download the ENTIRE Ultimate Journey curriculum for free at! You can go to The Ultimate Journey page to get it all, including a recorded introductory webinar.

What are your favorite ways to integrate environmental science into programming at your Club? Have you run The Ultimate Journey? Tell us more in the comments or at!


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