30 Circles Challenge: Creative Icebreaker Activity with FREE Download!

Most of our meetings here at BGCA start with icebreaker or community building activities, because we are YOUTH! DEVELOPMENT! PROFESSIONALS! 🙂 Last week, my colleague Danielle Narcisse started a design meeting off with this really fun way to get our creativity flowing.

This activity is called The 30 Circles Challenge, and it is an icebreaker designed to encourage creative confidence. It is a great activity to start a brainstorming session, or a session to solve a complex problem. It challenges us to think outside of the box. I think this would be an awesome way to start a staff meeting, especially if you will be using that time to plan an event. Then use it with your members! It is fun to see how different age groups handle the challenge.

30 circles

Thirty Circles Challenge

Ages: Any!

Equipment Needed: Something to draw with, 30 Circles Challenge (download here!) for each person, something to keep time with

Group Size: Any!

Give each participant one of the 30 Circles worksheets and something to write with. Ask them to turn as many of the circles as possible into a recognizable object in 3 minutes. You can give the example of a sun or a smiling face, but give no other instructions.

After 3 minutes, compare results! Ask how many people filled in 10, 15, 20 or more circles? Ask for some examples. Did participants use patterns (for example, multiple sports balls)? Did anyone “break the rules” and combine circles?

Always reflect! Ask:

  • Were the rules stated clearly? Did anyone assume the rules were more strict?
  • If you “broke the rules,” how did you feel while you were doing it? Did you get worried the circles wouldn’t count?
  • Did you get stuck? What helped you break through, or what kept you from moving forward?
  • How can this activity help us think about how to be creative with our ideas in general?

For more community builder and energizer ideas, download the YD Toolbox from BGCA!

30 circles seg
And yes I completed the most circles in my group mostly because I did all nine planets and didn’t draw anything in them for four of them just labels but NO RULES SO DON’T @ ME

What are your favorite icebreakers? What activities do your members LOVE? Email your best ideas to ClubXBlog@bgca.org and YOU may be featured in an upcoming post!


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