Link Roundup: Water Balloon Games!

Before we lose the blessed warmth of the summer months, here are some ideas for games to play outdoors with water balloons! They are perfect for a Power Hour celebration, a Friday afternoon, or a non-school day.

Using milk jugs is a great tip! At the link, the blogger also gives some other ideas including crafts and links for purchases.

This similar tossing team game uses colanders! Having the colanders on their heads gives an extra level of fun.

The highlight at this roundup of 10 ideas is PAINT FIGHT! Here’s the description: “If you’re not afraid of a little mess (ok, a BIG mess) then try out a good ole water balloon paint fight! Mix up some washable (or non washable if you’re gutsy) paint with water and then fill up your balloons. Get everyone some white T-shirts and let the water balloon fight begin! Your kids will LOVE making a mess, and being artistic on each other’s shirts at the same time.”

This is just a photo, but is a large target grid made from pool noodles. You could assign different values for each circle, skee-ball style, then use water balloons or wet sponges.

Here’s another photo pin that shows a way to to a target toss, but this one would be great for younger members. You could even do simple math problems and have them try and hit the answer.

If you have a lock-in or teen late night event during summer, THIS WOULD BE THE BEST GAME!

Finally, this list gives a lot of ideas. I especially like playing Capture the Flag with water balloons, Mud Clean Up Game, and the Obstacle course.

And if you have the ability, slow-mo water balloon videos are ALWAYS HILARIOUS.

What other outdoor games have you played at your Club? What are your favorite go-to activities? We want to share them with the Movement! Comment below or email us at

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