Visualizing Goal Tracking

I am not an artsy person. I know it’s hard to believe what with this amazing blog and all (wink wink), but I am just not. One of my least favorite things both in my classroom when I was teaching and in my program area at the Club was creating bulletin boards. Luckily, there are lots of people out there who are incredible at and love it, and many of them post their ideas for the rest of us to shamelessly steal. Yay internet!

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An easy way to incorporate TWO of the Five Key Elements (Opportunities & Expectations and Recognition!) into your program areas is to use bulletin boards to visualize goal tracking. This gives members a visual incentive to achieve great things, and a way to track their own progress, holding them accountable. In my Education room in Boys & Girls Club of the Smoky Mountains, I did some goal tracking by age group and some by individual achievement. They really are so flexible!

Here are some quick ideas for several program areas:

  • Education: Minutes completed or percentage of questions correct on Stride Academy, Power Hour attendance, books read
  • Game Room: Tournament results, high scores in games
  • Gym: Tournament results, fitness tests
  • Art: Completed pieces for art show, techniques attempted
  • Front Desk: Attendance, summer signups, NYOI surveys completed

Goal tracking bulletin boards can take a MILLION different forms!

Here are some great ideas from Pinterest:

Have you used goal tracking bulletin boards in your Club? Send photos to and they may be featured in a future post!

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