Join the YDT Community!

Did you know that the YD Toolbox app has a BUILT IN COMMUNITY????

You can get to the YDT Community online or through the Social button on the home page of the YD Toolbox app, which looks like this:


There are two separate forums right now, one for Supervisors and one for Youth Development Professionals, although we can always add more specific groups (by job function or program) if there is demand for them. To participate, you create a username and password, fill out your profile, and you are IN! The YD Community does not require access, so no worries there.

Within each forum, you can respond to topics or create your own. This is a GREAT space to ask questions and share ideas! Some of the questions that need answers RIGHT NOW include how to respond to youth who say “this is boring” in the YDP forum and staff interview ideas in the Supervisors forum. Head over and help a friend out!

The YDT Community is still pretty small, so this is the perfect time to get in on the ground floor and help build this into exactly what YOU want it to be. For me, one thing I like about having a separate community space is that it doesn’t get muddled with my personal social media accounts.

Join the YDT Community TODAY! 


Questions about the YDT Community? Contact me at or comment below. And be sure to add me as a friend in the YDT Community- I’m @sgrizzle!

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