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This guest post is written by Alise Dixon, Director of Youth Development and Outcomes at BGCA. If you’ve been to a Club Director Academy in 2017, you know Alise! 

I have been in the Movement for a while and even I was shocked when I heard about what I am going to tell you about today. You may know that there are all types of Clubs, including traditional, school-based, Clubs based in public housing, and those on Native lands. You may even know that we have Clubs on military bases both in the U.S. and around the world. But did you know that there are Clubs in other countries outside of the United States?

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That was my reaction when I found out about Global Boys & Girls Clubs! “Wait- there are Clubs in other countries? How did I miss this?” Yup, there are currently 72 Clubs in 13 countries around the world!

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You heard me correctly.

There are Clubs in Hungry, Guatemala, Haiti, South Africa, and Uruguay, just to name a few, serving almost 10,000 youth in 2017. And this movement is growing.

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As part of the Global BGC Movement, their goal is to offer out of school time options to ALL youth with special concern for those most in need of these services. A goal which should sound very familiar. For more information on the locations and programs offered, check out the Global BGC website.

Now why am I sharing this awesome tid-bit, you might ask?

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These Clubs could really use our help. One exciting way that your Club could be involved with this exciting initiative is by becoming a sister Club. As a sister club you could host small fundraisers to donate essential supplies (like notebooks, balls, crayons, etc.), connect youth via pen pal programs, or share administrative resources (program plans, job descriptions, etc.). These Clubs are looking for any and all information that will help them create a great environment for their youth, just like you do every day at your Clubs!

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Can you see it? A future with Clubs all across the globe, each with a sister Club supporting their goal, to offer out of school time options to ALL youth. If you are interested in becoming a sister club check out the Sister Club Criteria here and reach out to Jose Cruz, the Director of International Support at


Alise has been in the Movement for 10 years, and worked with Boys & Girls Clubs of Dayton and Boys & Girls Clubs of Amarillo prior to coming to BGCA. In her free time, she loves to DANCE!

Do you have a story to share with the Movement? Let us know in the comments or email at and YOU could be featured on the Club Experience Blog!

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